Lives are forever altered when a loved one is killed as a result of negligence. On top of the emotional suffering that comes with losing someone, it's almost unbearable to think that the tragedy was preventable.

 In personal injury law, wrongful death might involve:

  • Fatal auto accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective products
  • Premises liability such as slip and fall accidents

When a victim passes away unexpectedly, dependents may also suffer financially due to lost wages and a sudden lack of support. To obtain the help they need and the justice they deserve, family members and beneficiaries of the victim’s estate can often seek to recover damages in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Every state has different laws regarding wrongful death lawsuits, so it’s important for victims’ families to obtain legal assistance right away.

For decades, Anapol Weiss has successfully advocated for the loved ones of those killed by someone’s careless behavior. Please call Anapol Weiss so our attorneys can take care of the complex legal situation.